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4humans is an initiative that wishes to support small cultural, social oder sustainability-
oriented initiatives and charity projects with simular tasks - no commercial product or company.

4humans is organized and supported by the German 'Verein' hibisca e.V. in Berlin, ein registered charity
that supports sustainability projects.

Address: 4humans - eine Reise; c/o hibisca e.V. * Besselstraße 13-14 * 10969 Berlin (Germany

Fon: Berlin (Germany) - 218 02 279 (Board of hibisca e.V., Tue - Thu 14:00 - 16:00)

E-Mail: alongtheline[(a)]4-humans.org

If you want to get in touch with us, please use the form on the contact page to do so.
Thank you.

Please refrain from sending us spam or advertisements, we will not buy from unknown sources.


Legal information on this website:

All contents on this website as well as all parts of 4humans- a journey are protected by copyright law.

If you want to bring out a link to this website, you have to ask for explicit written permission to do so in advance.

Also, any link to this page has to respect the ideas, goals and codex of the 4humans project (see German page under 4humans.org, we will provide you with a translation shortly on this website, too).  If you bring out a link or refer to '4humans - a journey' and its the contents, you have to make clear at any time that the project is independant and
not a product as well as no part of a company, association or spiritual community.